Senior Pharmaceutical Manager moving to a Learning & Development role

July 2015 – LSSTC Program
Not only was the 3 day courses super, the 3 follow up sessions were specifically tailored to the needs of my role and each session was absolutely fantastic- practical, well-paced and allowed me to deepen my knowledge.  Marc is a truly gifted T&D Professional.  His passion for this area is contagious and the insights provided have moved me significantly forward.

Aliter Concept

François Lavallée,Infopreneur et Formativateur
August 2012
Working with Marc is a unique experience! His logical and analytical approach facilitate decision making, elevate results and above all, make those visible. His sense of humor, his dedication to complete projects, and his commitment to adapt tools to his client’s reality, make him a unique partner.

Lundbeck Canada

Claudia Lachapelle Field Sales Trainer
June 2012
This year, we worked on a new project with Marc Lalande called “confidence-based testing”. With the launch of a new product and the wish to assess our sales representatives’ product knowledge, Marc suggested a new way that was actually meeting our needs. It made us realize that although it is important to assess the level of knowledge of each, it is especially important to evaluate the confidence level related to this knowledge. One can think well knowing a topic, but how confident is he/she to discuss it? So we decided to go ahead with this innovative project consisting of a 30 question test on the product monograph. All the representatives were made aware of this new approach in order to have their consent and commitment. This test did not have a passing grade and the results were not shared individually with their manager. I think the fact that they did not feel assessed has removed a lot of pressure and we had comments that this test was carried out in a safe environment. We had a turnout of 100% on this test. Moreover, this test made clear to representatives which elements they mastered with a high level of confidence and which needed to be revisited, it has also served the trainers to better assess training needs. Throughout this project, Marc has guided us and supported in order to maximize the impact of this new approach. Furthermore, he has produced reports that met our needs and expectations. We are extremely pleased with this experience and we will repeat in the future.

AstraZeneca Canada

Darryl Swenarchuk, Training Manager
March 2012
Here are my thoughts about the Pharmaceutical Sales Training Certificate.
First, the live “event” was beneficial on its own.  The variety of instructors and exercises kept me engaged and increased my knowledge.  When coupled with the certification assignment, I was able to take the knowledge I gained through to application, behaviour change, and results for my company.
The biggest strength of the program is that it forced me to analyze what I was doing.  This helped me understand the things I did right in my previous training initiatives, allowing me to duplicate successful items, and the exercise helped me generate new ideas on steps that I had been missing or neglected.  After completing the assignment, I have developed a more thorough, concise process  on designing and delivering training that helps me create better, more effective programs.
By applying my learning, I have become a better trainer, which has already been rewarded by improved results and accolades for the training initiatives that I have been a part of and in increased job satisfaction for myself.
Thank you for your insights, guidance, and coaching throughout the program.

The Ottawa Hospital

Andaleep (Andy) Ali, M.Ed, CTP,, Leadership Development Officer, Human Resources, Organizational Development
March 2012
On behalf of the CSTD Ottawa Chapter I want to sincerely thank you for your conference on Competency Transfer last night. As a learning professional, I was able to take away some key tactics which I will be able to use. I really liked the Start/Stop/Continue concept and mailing it back to us! It really reinforces holding the learner accountable for their commitments.

Sonia Di Maulo, Consultant
December 2010
Marc Lalande defines authenticity, passion, integrity, and excellence. His words of wisdom inspire, his actions influence respect, and his knowledge and skills help organizations improve their performance with precision. We worked together in 2005 on a joint-venture and I hope to continue learning from his mastery and insight.


Frank Carlesimo, Associate Director, Sales Force Effectiveness
July 2009
We used the services of Marc to improve the ability of our personnel to deliver educational programs with more engaging methods. He developed very interesting and thought provoking materials and tools to help move our process in the right direction. Marc is a wealth of knowledge on adult learning and behaviour change and is a delight to listen to for the very same reason. Our Professional Development Team was very satisfied with his services which contributed to achieving the desired outcomes.

Humber Institute - Pharmaceutical Sales Trainer Certificate

Marc also facilitates the Pharmaceutical Sales Trainer Certificate program at Humber Institute.  During the 3-day program in 2009, participants wrote:
Excellent overall, I actually would like more.
Thank you Marc, you are AMAZING!
Thanks a lot, Marc Lalande is outstanding as a teacher and a coach. He really knows a great deal about transfer of information, does it with passion and is a powerful communicator.
Great job keeping us engaged when we were fading! Thanks for the M&M’s
Thank you for the magic wands. You have a great way of keeping us engaged. I’d like to learn this from you.

Training Manager, Toronto

June 2009
Learning Andrago Inc. provided its services to our company for developing a train-the-trainer program.  We appreciated the fact that the material developed by Learning Andrago Inc. became our own for us to roll out in house. Marc Lalande was knowledgeable and efficient in completing the mandate.  He offered a personal service on a short time line and was responsive to our changes.

Novo Nordisk Canada Inc.

Marsha Denvir, Associate Director of People Development
February 2009
We selected Marc Lalande, your Learning Andrago Inc., for our project due to our confidence in his knowledge and skills.  He spent time up front to thoroughly understand the needs for the project.

Core Skills Performance Excellence, GlaxoSmithKline

Linda Walker, National Manager
January 2009
"Marc is a highly valuable resource for just about anything related to training & development. He transformed the reactive, course-based CCPE into the pro-active customer-focused pharmaceutical resource that thrives today. Marc is well respected within the pharmacuetical community and a "go to" person for many learning & development professionals.  Most recently, Marc has provided value to our team as a sounding board and to benchmark key training practices"

Solvay Pharma

Nicole Simpson, National Sales Trainer
December 2008
It is absolutely incredible what you have done for CCPE since your appointment. It has never been the same, nor will it! You have earned the respect of all of us in the industry! I am glad to hear that you are going to be making your knowledge & experience available for everyone! You have so much to offer.


Robert Cairns, National Sales Manager
June 2008
Congratulations on your CTDP recognition in 2008, you are an excellent training expert role model for the pharmaceutical industry.

Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals

David Cousins, Head of Sales Force Development
June 2008
Marc, I want to add my congratulations on your CTDP designation. You have a passion for training and development and communicate this passion to everyone. Well earned and deserved.

Schering Canada

Mila Banerjee, Regional Sales Manager
Women's Health, March 2008
Following a networking activity in Toronto
Marc, I am very impressed with the quality and detail of the notes produced as part of the proceedings from our networking sessions. I appreciate the training you have given us!