T&D Help Desk

When you are feeling under the weather, you can see a doctor at the walk in clinic.  When your computer crashes, you can call your IT help desk.  When you need short term assistance, you can contact someone with trusted expertise.

When you need a learning sounding board, wish to figure out the next step, or to explore other training possibilities, who do you call?  Learning Andrago, with its experienced T&D Professional resources and collaborators, can jump start, address a gap or simply enhance your project.

Examples of Help Desk Calls

  • Support in interpreting the Rx&D Code of Ethical Practices
  • Define outcomes for an important workshop
  • Support with the design enhancement of workshops
  • Delegation of one or some tasks from a specific project
  • Inquiry about best practices
  • Get a sounding board

Intervention Types

  • Confirm or figure out the missing steps
  • Quickly locate the appropriate resources
  • Audit an existing program
  • Quickly help you identify existing resources
  • Create a template