Sustaining Outcomes through Transfer

Learning is one thing, doing it is what drives business nowadays.  Training that is successfully delivered but not applied on the job, is referred as “scrap learning” and it comes with high costs. When your employees can't put what they've learned into practice, you've wasted effort, time, and money.

Ensuring greater rate of transfer of learning back on the job is the surest way to achieve a decent return on investment.

Past Assessment Mandates

  • Series of intervention with Sales Managers from documenting baseline attitudes and beliefs to post-training behavior changes
  • Training learning and development professionals on what needs to be done before, during, and after training
  • Design of transfer (level 3) assessment questionnaires to evaluate the extent of new behaviors on the job
  • Facilitated a series of awareness webinars for national leadership teams
  • Created a series of webinars inspired by one of the classic reference book on learning transfer
  • Conducted in French and English

Intervention Types

The reasons why a growing number of organizations bother supporting post-training transfer for strategically important projects are often one or many of the followings:

  • Knowing is not enough
  • Desire to diagnose and address transfer obstacles
  • ROI is not possible without transfer


  • White paper
  • Interactive workshop
  • Conference
  • Webinars
  • Transfer tools for supervisors
  • Transfer plan designs
  • Support platform
  • Action planning