Life Sciences Sales Trainer Certification

The Life Sciences Sales Trainer Certificate was originally created by members of the industry to address the specific needs of Life Sciences professionals new to the training function.  This certification program is designed for relatively new and existing Life Sciences sales trainers who may not have had specific training on how to build critical training & development competencies for their role of training others.
The program is based on the Institute for Performance and Learning competency architecture:

Participants will also have the opportunity to meet and learn from colleagues in the industry.
As part of the certification process, at the end of the program, participants are required to submit a project of their own in English or French, (that they are working on already) demonstrating their ability to apply specific competencies covered during the program.  This will credibly ensure a greater return on their time and money investment.

Over 60 participants attended this program since its inception.


Open LSSTC Certification Workshop

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