Outcomes Assessment

If you bother creating it, you may as well confirm that the desired outcomes were achieved.  To do so, you need to document one of the followings:

Past Assessment Mandates

  • Assessing participants' reaction to a workforce meeting, live and online
  • Assessing participants' willingness to apply after various application workshops
  • Assessing knowledge learned using a confidence-based approach (eliminating the guessing factor from multiple choices exam)
  • Generating knowledge and skills gaps analysis
  • Assessing behavior changes following various learning transfer interventions
  • Collecting a number of measures to assess the extent of ROI, following the utilization of new technology instead of face to face meetings
  • Conducted in French and English

Intervention Types

  • Design and programming of reaction surveys
  • Design, programming and analysis of confidence-based exams
  • Document willingness changes
  • Behaviour changes questionnaires
  • Measuring impact of programs questionnaires
  • Projection of anticipated ROI


  • Kirkpatrick 4 levels of evaluation
  • Phillips 5 levels of evaluation
  • ROI methodology
  • Gilbert performance engineering model
  • Attitude mapping