Needs Assessment / Performance Gap Analysis

Rolling out training without conducting proper needs analysis is like receiving a treatment without conducting a proper diagnosis.

Like a GPS, we triangulate specific parameters to identify critical gaps to leverage performance.

Past Assessment Mandates

  • For various sales forces
  • In 32 companies
  • More than 54 distinct mandates
  • More than 92 cohorts of participants
  • Conducted in French and English

Assessment Types

  • Unperceived needs
  • Misperceived needs
  • Perceived needs
  • Attitude and willingness
  • Beliefs and actions alignment
  • Engagement


  • Confidence-based assessment
  • Blend of multiple approaches
  • Web-based anonymous survey
  • Web-based focus group
  • Face to face interviews
  • Telephone client interviews
  • Virtual focus group
  • Others


  • Sales force effectiveness diagnosis
  • Learning transfer
  • Engagement and perceptions
  • Change readiness assessment
  • Prioritize training curriculum
  • Priority management