CHE Enhancement Support

Many resources are invested in designing and developing continuing professional development programs.  To help enhance the effectiveness of these programs, we can assist you in a number of services and interventions to take your programs to new heights:

Examples of projects completed

  • Design questionnaire
  • Audit existing needs assessment questionnaires
  • Audit existing evaluation templates (perception level)
  • Create evaluation templates for collecting indicators with a higher level of correlation with behaviour changes
  • Create ways to collect learning evidences data
  • Analyze evaluations after data collection
  • Apply confidence-based assessment methodology into your programs
  • Create instruments to measure post-education changes
  • Create instruments to document post-education impact
  • Develop strategies to sustain post-education changes

Intervention Types

  • Design, development and programming of questionnaires
  • Design, development and programming of questions to catalyze learning and changes
  • Document readiness to change
  • Design and development of post-education transfer plan
  • Projection of expected ROI


  • Gilbert’s performance engineering model
  • Attitude and beliefs mapping
  • Kirkpatrick’s 4 levels of evaluation
  • Moore’s 7 levels of evaluation
  • ROI methodology
  • 6 Disciplines of breakthrough learning