Accelerating Changes

The human body is programmed to resist change.  It should not be a surprise that the human mind is also naturally inclined to stick to what is known, experienced and familiar.

We found that people may resist change imposed on them and, are more willing to embrace changes that they have selected.  We help them see the change they want to implement.

Our change formula:  R < D x V x F

Past Assessment Mandates

  • Help customer service personnel adjust to new promotional responsibilities
  • Help personnel revisit how they prioritize their field time investment
  • Accelerate patient centric attitude by asking more insightful questions
  • Develop non-sales people to become more effective at recruiting members
  • Help a group of managers become more engaged in catalyzing other people learning
  • Reduce unproductive behaviours around electronic communication and select what to do instead
  • Assist physicians with patient behavior changes
  • Conducted in French and English

Intervention Types

  • Attitude and willingness survey
  • Experiential learning activity
  • Team-building assignments
  • Facilitated discussions to uncover areas of dissatisfaction
  • Engagement survey
  • Web-facilitated focus group


  • Blend of multiple approaches
  • Prochaska Transtheoretical model
  • Mezirow's transformative learning
  • Use of reflective exercises
  • Transformational experiences